Performance Highlights


3G and 4G base stations

123.7 ’000
+ 11%
No. 1 in terms of efficiency among telecommunication brands in Russia
70.4 million
+ 0.9%
Users of mobile data services2
36.4 million
+ 4.6%
Share of mobile data users2

+ 1.6 p. p.
The fastest mobile data services in Russia3
  1. All figures disclosed under operational highlights refer to our Russian operations.
  2. The total number of subscribers disclosed previously in our Annual Reports differs from those presented in this Report due to a change in the methodology for calculating the number of users who do not use mobile services. In the new methodology, we tried to exclude as much as possible passive subscribers who do not use actively communication services and whose mobile traffic is generated automatically due to redirects and / or incoming SMS messages of an advertising or informational nature.
  3. According to Ookla®, MegaFon provides the fastest mobile internet in Russia: the average download speed exceeded 32.79 Mbit/s and the average upload speed was 13.22 Mbit/s. Ookla® runs its independent survey globally on an annual basis: the results are based on over 2.9 million speed tests run in the first half of 2020 via the Speedtest app on mobile devices owned by Russian users. MegaFon has been topping Ookla’s ranking since 2017.


332.2 RUB billion
147.8 RUB billion
Net profit
26.6 RUB billion
+ 158.3%
54.7 RUB billion
Net debt/LTM OIBDA


36,7 ’000
Charity expenses
433.8 RUB million
+ 147,7%
102 ’000
+ 308.0%
Training costs
311.6 RUB million
  1. Adjusted OIBDA is shown for 2016. Adjusted OIBDA is OIBDA net of impairment charge in the amount of RUB 3.4 billion related to the goodwill allocated to the Broadband Internet business segment.
  2. Excluding revaluation of investment in an associate (non-monetary item).
  3. Including related IT costs.
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