Pandemic COVID-19

Our COVID-19 response

During 2020, MegaFon addressed COVID-19 challenges through timely, smart response measures. In a challenging environment, the Company has not only shown business resiliency and ability to improve profitability1, but also fully focused on its social responsibility agenda. We have provided our customers, employees, partners, communities and the government with an entire range of much-needed opportunities and solutions, often on a pro bono basis.

80 %
of workforce
shifted to work from home
RUB million
spent on personal protective equipment and sanitisers
presented to school students from low-income families to enable distance learning

During the first wave pandemic restrictions, MegaFon:

  • Moved over 14,000 employees to remote work in a seamless way and without disrupting any business processes, in just a few days
  • Fully and promptly introduced all the necessary measures for the prevention of COVID-19 for employees working in the office and visitors, such as: distribution of information, employee temperature checks, mandatory use of personal protective equipment at the expense of the Company, air disinfection, control over the number of people in the premises, control over social distance, control over the admission of sick people, and a number of other initiatives
  • Provided free access to its online conferencing and webinar solutions for SME customers
  • Opened free access to educational and entertainment services for its customers: online courses, MegaFon TV packages, online libraries
  • Launched sales of self-registration SIM cards with free delivery through the marketplace, AliExpress Russia and its own online store
  • Provided customers aged over 65 years and living in the Moscow region with access to communication services even with a zero or negative credit
  • Offered free sports content to MegaFon TV and MegaFon Education platform users
  • Launched free specialised online courses on its proprietary educational platform to prepare highschool students for the Unified State Examination (USE)
  • Offered its subscribers a free option providing unlimited data for the most popular services – messengers, e-mail, food delivery services, online pharmacies, and many others
  • Started offering remote workplace solutions to other businesses, incorporating lessons from MegaFon’s own shift to work from home
  • For roaming subscribers – waived charges for calls to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, helplines for Russian citizens abroad, and a number of airlines and other organizations to help facilitate their return home
  • Provided consumers with an option to purchase a SIM at a convenience store
  • Launched unlimited data plans for remote work
  • Introduced a converged plan that combines only the most popular services – mobile and residential internet
  • Towards the end of summer, launched a new IoT-based solution enabling public and private healthcare facilities to offer patients a new health monitoring service
We have provided our customers, employees, partners, communities and the government with an entire range of much-needed opportunities and solutions, often on a pro bono basis.

During 2020, 80% of MegaFon employees in total were successfully shifted to work from home. At the same time, MegaFon developed a concept offering new work schedules to its employees once they return to the office – a hybrid and a completely remote working model. The schedule and working hours will be agreed with supervisors, with employees selecting and proposing their most convenient work schemes in addition to the basic five-day working week:

  • Two days from home, three days from office
  • Three days from home, two days from office
  • Five-day work from home (completely remote)
  1. OIBDA margin and net profit.
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