Business Model

Resources and assets

Technology leadership

216,000 km

FOCL network, including:

143,600 km backbone network


base stations

Service- and partnershipbased digital ecosystem

AliExpress Russia – a joint venture with Alibaba Group, Group and RDIF

Joint projects with ICS Holding

Digital Holding – a joint venture in Uzbekistan intended to become the technological leader in Central Asia’s largest telecommunications market

Two joint ventures with Mail.Ru Group, USM Group, Ant Group and RDIF for digital payment solutions and financial services

START – the fastest-growing video service in Russia

Strong brand and loyal customers

No. 6
among the strongest Russian brands

Balanced (offline and online) sales system

MegaFon Retail stores

A new store format Experience Store

1,862 franchised stores

Own online store on AliExpress with representative offices in 43 Russian regions

Accumulated aggregated customer data

Big Data

Personalised offers

Highly skilled team

36,696 employees

Brand portfolio

Products and services

Mobile services
Digital products and services
Fixed-line services
Sales of handsets and accessories



70.4 million customer base

44% customer satisfaction index (CSI)


RUB 332.2 billion total revenue

RUB 147.8 billion OIBDA

44.5% OIBDA margin

RUB 26.6 billion Net Profit

Revenue breakdown in 2020, %


47,632 employees have completed internal training programmes

RUB 569.2 million social benefits

2X eNPS growth in 2020

Employees working in Agile teams


85% of russian population covered by 4G/LTE network

RUB 433.8 million charity expenses

>RUB 200 million COVID-19-related expenses

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