Our Approach to Sustainability

MegaFon aims to achieve excellence in business while contributing as much as it can towards the social and economic development of society. Reconciling commercial, social and environmental interests is an important element of our development.

Our sustainable development is underpinned by our commitment to the principles of integrity in business operations and responsible practices in relationships with all stakeholders. We adhere to generally accepted moral and ethical standards, promote business transparency, respect human rights, and support environmental initiatives. MegaFon’s Chief Executive Officer, its Management Board, and its Board of Directors collectively provide and shape the strategic direction behind our approach to sustainability.

MegaFon sees sustainable development as growth from its operations that results in a positive impact on people’s quality of life.

Our sustainability activities are guided by best practices, and international regulations and standards, including the United Nations Global Compact and the Social Charter of Russian Business.

Our reporting on sustainability is part of the Company’s annual report and is guided by international standards such as the Guidance on Social Responsibility (ISO 26000) and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

For more information see the Appendix: Material Topics and Materiality Matrix

Having completed its three-year strategic cycle in 2020, MegaFon began moving towards new heights of stakeholder value creation. We are focused, first and foremost, on the satisfaction of our customers, employees and shareholders.

MegaFon is committed to contributing to the delivery of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the following:

MegaFon’s social mission

is to create opportunities that facilitate communication, social adaptation, fostering, guardianship and adoption, employment, and education. We seek to inspire people to find and explore all opportunities to the fullest.

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