Stakeholder Engagement

Implementing our sustainability strategy requires building effective relationships with all stakeholders based on partnership, equality, and respect.

For this purpose, the Company runs regular stakeholder surveys to determine the key topics of importance to them.

MegaFon’s stakehold

  1. High-quality services
  2. Compliance with the highest international standards for consumer relations
  3. Ensuring confidentiality and security
  4. Prompt response to queries
  5. Responsible marketing
Investment community
  1. Adherence to best practices in corporate governance
  2. Equal access to information about the Company
  1. Respect and trust
  2. Encouraging employees to realise their personal potential
  3. Fair remuneration
  4. Equal rights
  5. Health and safety
  6. Enhanced engagement
Industry community
  1. Engaging in the development of the telecoms industry
  2. Building best practices and standards
Business partners
  1. Performance of obligations to all counterparties
  2. Transparency
  3. Fair competition
  4. Anti-corruption efforts
  5. Focus on longterm business relationships
  1. Contributing to the development of the digital economy
  2. Involvement in the modernisation of Russia’s telecommunications infrastructure
  3. Contributing to public safety, including support in emergencies
  4. Involvement in the development of regulatory norms for the telecoms industry
  5. Charity and sponsorship initiatives
Local communities
  1. Support for principles of corporate citizenship
  2. Enabling better access to new technologies
  3. Improving the quality of life through social investments
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