HR Management

MegaFon’s HR policy aims to attract the most talented people and support their professional growth. The Company has built a framework of relationships supporting the achievement of MegaFon’s strategic goals.

SFera project

In 2020, MegaFon continued automating its HR function and developing its SFera system to accelerate internal HR processes and make them even more convenient and transparent.

In 2020, a tool concept was developed for the system that allows unit heads to plan, align and implement changes to the organisational structures of their respective units.




Our team at a glance

As at 31 December 2020, MegaFon’s headcount was over 36,000 people. We have a very age-diverse talent pool, with close to 50% of our employees aged 26 to 35. In line with our focus on technology and innovation, most of our employees are graduates.

MegaFon provides equal opportunities for both men and women. Our key selection criteria in hiring and promotion decisions include professionalism, leadership skills, commitment to achieving results, and the ability to work in a team. Women account for 54% of MegaFon’s total headcount.

Talent acquisition

MegaFon’s highly professional team is our key asset and main competitive advantage. We are focused on attracting and retaining the best talent by creating unique opportunities for career advancement and personal development while identifying resources and capabilities the Company will need in the future.

Digital talent

MegaFon is extensively involved in building a national pool of technology talent.

In the reporting year, MegaFon continued implementing its comprehensive programme to promote IT careers in Russia by providing support to leading technical universities, running joint digital excellence projects, and opening up new opportunities for young talent.

During the year, MegaFon held over 100 events (mostly online) for school and university students, as well as for professionals in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities. The programme had a total reach of over 29,000 people across the country. A total of 95 university students completed apprenticeships and internships at the Company, with 61% of them going on to be employed by MegaFon.

In 2020, according to a Universum survey, business students from 147 Russian universities named MegaFon as their operator of choice in the Team-Oriented Work category.

According to a 2020 FutureToday survey of 46 Russian universities, MegaFon ranks first out of all telecom companies among its target audience of students.

Key joint educational projects with universities in 2020:


In September 2019, MegaFon launched its Digital Laboratory, located on the campus of the Graduate School of Management at Saint Petersburg State University. Fitted out with a 5G trial zone, the laboratory has become a platform for developing new 5G services.

Its first minimum viable products were presented by six teams in mid-2020. For the first time, the Company took an entire team under its mentorship within its internship programme to refine and pilot a MegaFon project.

In September 2020, a second workflow was launched focused specifically on MegaFon projects, with activities supervised by MegaFon employees, who also act as mentors and project owners. The lab’s projects are 4G-enabled and are also future proofed for 5G.

The workflow is comprised of 9 teams of 50 students from the Graduate School of Management at Saint Petersburg State University and Saint Petersburg State University itself working on real MegaFon projects in nine teams across four areas: IoT, medicine, B2G and infrastructure

Internet of Things Lab

In December 2020, MegaFon launched the Internet of Things Lab jointly with the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI). The lab will become a testing ground for industrial and smart home IoT solutions. MegaFon experts and the MPEI faculty are working together to develop a special educational programme, which will help students navigate the complex landscape of modern radio technologies and the Internet of Things, as well as adopt advanced approaches to app development.

Nine students and faculty members from the Department of Fundamentals of Radio Engineering joined the programme in 2020. The first fullyfunctional IoT devices integrated with MegaFon solutions are slated to be demoed in mid-2021.

Artificial Intelligence: A Quick Start Guide

In 2020, MegaFon partnered with the Russian Coding School to pilot the first module of a programme to promote artificial intelligence, data processing and machine learning among school and university students, as well as young industry professionals. Building on the pilot’s success, MegaFon is launching a new module in 2021 targeting primarily young talent and undergraduate students.

>5,000 participants >5,000 participants from across Russia took part in the project

According to a Universum survey, Russian IT professionals voted MegaFon as the top company in 2020 in the “Friendly working environment,encouraging worklife balance and respect for its people” category

In 2020, we reviewed the toolkit to engage our potential audience of digital talent and charted a course for the implementation of digital projects.

Key 2020 projects aimed at attracting IT talent include:

Newtown Needs a New Hero

An online game for programmers, testers, analysts and DevOps engineers. The game consists of five chapters, which comprise different tasks to test the skills of IT professionals in a range of areas. After completing the game, top scorers can post a message to the world on an interactive map on the game’s title screen.

>9,000 participants have already completed the game

Fantastic Beasts and Who Donates to Them

A special interactive project in N+1, a Russian scientific publication for specialists in Data Science, SQL (Oracle) and DevOps/SRE (Big Data). The project gives readers a taste of working with Big Data, using MegaFon as an example.

The project’s audience was ~20,000 people

Pirate Quest for Programmers

A game for Java, JS React and iOS developers. The developers participating in the quest needed to decipher a map and be the first to get to the treasure – the chance to apply for a job at MegaFon. The tasks included cases and challenges that only an experienced developer would be able to solve.

>200,000 people took up the quest
445 people made it to the final stage
75 of them sent their CVs to MegaFon

MegaFon’s career website
took the top spot on Runet’s
list of Best Service Websites

Talent retention and motivation

MegaFon seeks to create an environment that fosters the professional and personal development of its employees. We provide fair pay and ensure that every employee has all the support they need to find the opportunities that best utilise their knowledge and talents.

MegaFon’s motivation system includes both monetary and non-monetary rewards, ranging from bonuses and social benefit payments, to development programmes, as well as awards and rewards to recognise professional excellence.


Our approach to remuneration is guided by our commitment to offer competitive salaries based on market and internal benchmarks.

In addition to regular remuneration, our employees work on significant corporate projects and receive bonuses based on achievement of project goals.

In 2020, we launched a digital tool – Success Factors – that determines the size of employees’ bonuses by assigning them a behavioural rating.

We also launched Agile teams evaluated on quick wins with a flexible motivation system.


We value our employees and recognise their success, inspiring them to reach for new heights.

Key elements of the recognition framework include:

  • Rewards during the year. Every manager is authorised to reward his or her employees for excellent project results, producing attractive proposals, and the implementation of interesting ideas that are beneficial for the business ;
  • Awards from the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.

In 2020, >130 employees received awards for their many years of service to the Company and their contribution to the development of the IT and telecommunications industry

  • A system of nominations and motivational competitions for employees

Training and professional development

MegaFon continuously strives to improve its approach to employee training. In 2020, we brought all available development opportunities under one roof, allowing employees to easily find out how to become a participant in each of our educational programmes. The personal accounts of intranet users are constantly updated with new tools and approaches that help maximise the opportunities available to each of our team members and supercharge their personal growth trajectory.

In 2020, we introduced a mentoring system as an effective tool to encourage dialogue and the sharing of experience between employees. The system allows colleagues to build a unique relationship, in which one person (the mentor) supports the learning, development and progress of another (the mentee). Thanks to an automated system, employees can find a mentor based on the competencies needed for their development; alternatively, they can become a mentor and help other colleagues in their development.

MegaAcademy ran a number of major projects in 2020 to train and upskill employees at various centres of excellence, including the Frontline Leader Performance Standards project at the mass market store assistant and sales employee centre of excellence. Specialist training saw the “Building Individual Growth Trajectories” project.

A new foundational training programme was developed and integrated for the National Customer Complaints Management channel, slashing training time by 25% without compromising on the required KPIs.

We also launched a whole range of employee development programmes for our Call Centre channel.

MegaAcademy is MegaFon’s corporate university , offering training and development opportunities for MegaFon employees and partners. It operates seven federal-level centres of excellence for employee training. MegaAcademy designs and runs proprietary programmes, organises training by external providers, and develops specialist training and mentoring systems. MegaAcademy is also responsible for managing online development and training systems, such as SFera.Training and MegaFon.Drive .

In 2020, employee training costs, including internal training costs and related IT costs, amounted to RUB 311.6 million

Mentoring programmes and management development programmes

The Single Federal Onboarding Programme was developed in 2020 and subsequently moved online. All new hires now undergo a single set of four orientation meetings: ‘MegaFon at a Glance’, ‘Getting to Know the Brand’, ‘Safety Starts with You’ and ‘Strategy, or: New Heights 101’.

These welcome meetings have been running once a week for new starters across the country, while the corporate chat-bot was updated to give basic information and help guide new starters through the onboarding process.

Training for new managers was also moved online, while an experienced leadership development course was established and piloted for all directors of regional offices.

Upskilling programmes and external training

In 2020, MegaFon’s digital upskilling focused on important areas for the digital market: machine learning, Big Data, information security, artificial intelligence, DevOps, Kubernetes and project management. We continued our collaborations with the Coursera platform, BigData Team and New Professions Lab. We also started working with OpenText, Linux Academy, Linux Foundation, KodeKloud and O’Reilly Media, which offer a wide range of online courses in different areas of IT.

Furthermore, we launched an in-house Agile coach school in partnership with Stadik, and introduced situational leadership training for executives in partnership with CBSD.

Key management development programmes in 2020:

The Leader as a Coach. Opening Opportunities is a programme about the coaching approach to leadership.

One on One is a distance learning course on how to energise employees during meetings.

Corporate culture and internal communications

Our internal communications system is a key part of the Company’s activities. It is important for us to provide every member of our team across all regions of operation with a clear view of all key projects being undertaken by MegaFon. We use tools that demonstrate MegaFon’s digital capabilities and help our employees to develop.

The main role of internal communications is to foster engagement, while providing access to comprehensive information about MegaFon’s activities as well as tools for self-expression, feedback and creative development for each employee. We are guided by the principle that employee satisfaction and the overall success of the Company are closely linked.

Company Success

An important aspect of our corporate communications in 2020 was the internal coverage of our programme aimed at identifying and implementing new ways to grow and improve business efficiency, based on the integrated development of all elements of our business model. We leveraged Agile methods across the Company, launching an internal Agile coach school, the first Agile teams, a quarterly planning process, and consistently engaging communications.

We also communicated the Company’s priorities for creative projects and opened up dialogue with executives built on trust regarding upcoming changes and future goals at MegaFon. At the end of 2H 2020, employee awareness of Company initiatives had increased by 30%.

An important area of our efforts in internal communications was harnessing employee support for the Company’s new product launches. The brighter the campaign burns internally, the more ‘explosive’ the public marketing campaign is. For this reason, to support new product launches in 2020, MegaFon organised various creative contests with prizes for its employees. As a result, the repeat internal customer satisfaction survey returned a score of 4.8 out of 5, well above the target of 4.5.

In 2020, a campaign was launched under the overall slogan ‘Isolated but not Broken’ which included:

  1. News flashes on important topics for employees from the Company’s leadership: a fundamentally new format that replaced the strategic need for a nationwide, end-of-year video conference
  2. Regular pulse surveys on the wellbeing of employees working from home
  3. An employee music video to a song by the Company’s resident rapper, followed by a virtual flash mob and a contest of the best home working wins
  4. A series of testimonies on the corporate portal about front-line colleagues and the ‘While everyone is at home’ blogs, featuring life hacks and stories about remote employees’ lockdown hobbies

Employee satisfaction

An important strategic project for internal communications in 2020 was the creation of a single portal to support and coordinate shifting almost 14,000 MegaFon employees across the country to home working, whilst taking into account regional specifics (the local COVID-19 situation and the constantly evolving regulations of local authorities). In addition to usual guides and guidelines, the CEO gave prompt updates on all decisions taken – an inspiring step towards removing the status barriers between our people.


Jam is MegaFon’s internal social media platform for employees, introduced in 2019. Jam can be accessed from a mobile device, which enables users to stay in touch with their geographicallydistributed team, potentially around the clock.

Jam has become a digital venue for nationwide events, most of which have gone online due to the COVID-19 situation. Colleagues held their own Immortal Regiment remembrance event on 9 May, handed out 11,000 badges for World Communications Day, ran a relay of birthday wishes for MegaFon’s birthday and took part in ‘Let It Come True’, a huge, two-week New Year’s fair that replaced the traditional offline staff party.

In 2020, the pre-COVID line-up of in-person events was revised and moved online. At the same time, the CSI of all the Company’s projects remained at a high 83%.

In 2020, an online team-building programme was launched. As part of the programme, teambuilding events were held for employees involved in the Company’s strategic projects. Various types of events were held: treasure hunts, strategy games, quizzes, etc. At year-end, the programme’s CSI score hit 90% according to participants’ ratings.

To make internal communications even more transparent, open and friendly, we held an Agile tool marathon for leaders. The participants – all employees with subordinates – learned how to effectively evaluate implemented projects, use retrospectives to reflect with their team, bring the team together for a relaxing Coffee over Skype meetup, and masterfully give feedback in development-focused One-on-Ones


In MegaFon’s corporate culture, feedback is a vital element of the barrier-free, two-way communication we promote, and 2020 was a record-breaking year in this respect: not only for the number of comments and discussions on the Jam portal but also for the amount of feedback collected. Over 18,000 employees gave feedback on working at the Company at two points during the year, and more than 7,000 gave CSI ratings of their colleagues. The Employee Satisfaction Index (eNPS) almost doubled by the end of the year.

In 2020, MegaFon held the following events for employees across Russia:

149 corporate events
FOR OUR PEOPLE: the spring–summer
online festival with celebrity appearances
‘Let It Come True’
New Year’s Eve online fair

Social support

MegaFon not only guarantees all legally-required social support to employees but always goes the extra mile to provide a wide range of additional programmes focused on providing the best work environment and professional growth opportunities for its employees.

In 2020, the Company provided support to employees facing hardships brought on by the pandemic: it paid out financial support and arranged for additional medical treatments to supplement the existing Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI) programme. Coronavirus testing at the Company’s expense was arranged for employees who continued to work at the office.

Key benefits and guarantees offered by MegaFon to its employees:

  • VHI for employees; employee family members are offered health insurance at a discounted price
  • Employees accident insurance
  • Partial reimbursement of employees’ expenses for fitness programmes
  • Temporary disability pay above the statutory minimum
  • Lump-sum hardship allowances to employees and their family members
  • Compensation for employees’ mobile phone expenses within established monthly limits
  • Reimbursement of relocation expenses when moving to a new place of work in a different region, and a fixed lump sum to help employees settle in at their new place of residence
Spending on social programmes and benefits in 2020, RUB mn

Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety (OHS) is a top priority on MegaFon’s social responsibility agenda. ‘Occupational Health Management System at PJSC MegaFon’ is the main document regulating MegaFon’s OHS efforts. It was drafted in line with Russia’s GOST, ‘Occupational Safety Standards System. Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems. Guidelines for the Application of GOST 12.0.230-2007’, and GOST 12.0.230-2007, ‘Occupational Safety Standards System. Occupational Safety Management Systems. General Requirements’.

In 2020, the occupational health management system at MegaFon was improved and updated to comply with the current and amended government regulations. The Company’s local regulations were revised according to a set frequency in all areas of occupational health: medical checks; internal and specialised training of employees; the provision of protective clothing, footwear, safety equipment and other PPE as well as hand sanitiser; a special assessment of working conditions and operational control; and an occupational risk assessment.

The Company has developed the necessary organisational and administrative documents for its occupational health management system and local regulations, further detailing areas of responsibility, as well as the objectives of business units and process owners, and outlining additional regulation for these areas.

In 2020, as part of its COVID-19 response, MegaFon developed a set of guidelines aimed at preventing the outbreak and spread of coronavirus, along with the Stay Safe Rules which guide our employees’ behaviour while on the Company premises, on public transport, in public places and returning from trips abroad. On top of following all COVID-19 measures recommended by authorities – equipping premises with temperature screening devices, hand sanitiser and surface disinfectants, and providing workers with PPE – the Company set up a system to continuously update and instruct workers on COVID- 19 prevention, testing and vaccination. In addition to this, all necessary measures were taken to prevent the spread of the disease within the Company during the peaks of the COVID-19 infections and their associated lockdowns.

In order to reduce injuries and improve working conditions, the Company carried out all measures planned for 2020:

  • Training and testing of employees on occupational health policy, including unscheduled tests to reflect amendments to government regulations in 2020
  • Provision of training and retraining at specialised training centres to employees whose job involves additional hazards
  • Special assessments of working conditions and operational control
  • Mandatory pre-employment and regular health checks, and mandatory examinations of employees
  • Provision of protective clothing, footwear, and other PPE, as well as safety equipment and hand sanitiser, to employees
  • Scheduled and unscheduled OHS compliance audits across MegaFon
  • Assessment of occupational risks and communicating the results to Company employees
  • Efforts to ensure a safe working environment, reduce work-related injuries and improve working conditions for employees.

Furthermore, in order to protect the lives of workers and keep them healthy during the pandemic, in 2020, MegaFon implemented all COVID-19 measures recommended by authorities and relevant regulations.

MegaFon’s spending on occupational safety in 2020:
RUB 61.0 million
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