MegaFon views its anti-corruption commitment as a core principle of its responsible corporate practices, and operates in strict compliance with Russian anti-corruption laws. The Company highly values its reputation, has zero tolerance for any form of corruption or bribery, and expects the same attitude from its business partners.

MegaFon’s Anti-Corruption Policy is a framework document regulating its anti-corruption efforts and providing anti-corruption guidance for all employees of the Company and third parties engaged by MegaFon. All employees are required to undergo mandatory anti-corruption training and take an online anti-corruption course.

Our Anti-Corruption Policy

The anti-corruption programme includes:

  • Ensuring ‘Tone on the Top’ by management
  • Anti-corruption training
  • Assessing corruption risks and adopting anticorruption controls
  • Ensuring the possibility of confidential (including anonymous) reporting of cases of corruption
  • Appropriate investigation of each case and no retaliation against employees making a report in good faith

MegaFon raises anti-corruption awareness among all of its suppliers by introducing anticorruption contract clauses, sending out anticorruption guides to bidders and posting the Direct Line contact details on its official website

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